Grand Opening

15 January, 2022 • 10:00 (UTC -3)

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Npc "Nobless Manager" ready.
 - The npc Nobless Manager is located only in the city of Giran and offers the nobility through the item "Caradine's Letter" which can be obtained by performing...
09 November, 2021
Voting on our Server!
- Vote on our server in the banners on the main page. By voting we can promote our server and attract more players. After voting the banners, in-game, type in the chat command .vot...
04 November, 2021
Beta Version from 10/10/21 to 01/14/22
Hey guys!! - The server is in its Beta version and soon we will be ready to offer fun to everyone. Although we are still in testing, it is already possible to create an account...
10 October, 2021